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We’re here to help in your quest to venture into some of the best powder and slopes Japan has to offer. With the most ski resorts of any country at around 600, we know choosing a destination in Japan can be overwhelming and stressful. But no worries,  we are your one stop shop for information, recommendations and the latest news on some of the best ski resorts in Japan for a truly one in a lifetime experience.

Our professional Japanese staff are friendly and knowledgeable, with all our information based on our own experiences at each of the resorts and what we think will make your stay the most enjoyable that it can be. We also pride ourselves in the wonderful connections we have made with the amazing people at the resorts and offer you accurate and reliable information and deals offered nowhere else.

We strive to keep you informed and up to date every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our priority and we work to make your trip and stay as smooth and hiccup-free as possible from the get-go, with the little touches like airport meet-and-greets and transfers. Options are abundant so don’t be afraid to ask; we cater for you!

But it doesn’t stop there! We provide you with information on attractions, activities and all things Japan. Whether it be the best shopping, seasonal foods, cultural events or simple tips and tricks, we go the extra mile to make you feel at ease on your holiday.

Check out our amazing tours and packages and as our name suggests, we give you powder, skiing and Japan at its very best! You couldn’t have a bad time if you tried.

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So Why Japan?

i_jpn01Without a doubt Japan has the Best Powder in the World.
If powder is what you’re looking for then it’s guaranteed that Japan is the place to be for your ski holiday abroad. With Long Seasons, from mid-December stretching all the way to mid-May at its longest, skiing in spring is just as easy as it is in winter (Not to mention less crowding and bonus attractions)!
Not only that, but Japan offers a whole Culture to discover and explore for a truly unforgettable experience. With World-class Services and Convenient Accessibility throughout, things will be as smooth as ice. While Japan often gets a bad rap as an expensive destination, it can be surprisingly Inexpensive, with lift tickets averaging around only 4500JPY (more than half the price of many of the world’s famous ski resorts!), and food and merchandise particularly cheap out in the countryside where the resorts. But don’t let us tell you; experience for yourself!

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Still snowing in Japan, it is already end of March.
Guys enjoy fresh powder in this weekend in Hakkai-san!
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いま12月ですか?という光景です。笑 下の駐車場でも15㎝ぐらい積もってます! それも良い雪♥ 山頂は、30㎝ぐらい積もりました! 2017/3/24 7...

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It was last day for night ski in Niseko Grand Hirahu yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less

Mar. 20, 2017 本日が今シーズンのナイター営業最終日です。 Today is the last day of Night Skiing this season.

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Fire works in Niseko Annupuri yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less

本日のウインター花火は盛大に終了いたしました。 大勢のご観覧いただきましたお客様お寒い中、誠に有難ございました。

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30-40 cm new snow, another pow day in Appi! ... See MoreSee Less

30-40cm SNOWFALL... GREAT JAPOW STILL CONTINUES♪ 昨晩から30~40センチの積雪❗今晩も昨晩並みに雪が降っています。明日もパウダー楽しめそうです🎵

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  • Hi Hiro
    Thanks for your’e email a while back..I got back from Japan nearly 2 weeks ago..My apologies in getting back to you, at such late notice..
    I had a great time in Japan,as always..I think this was my 18th trip back to Japan and I must say .It only gets better,each time I go back..
    Hokkoda was one of the main highlights for me..Hotel Jogakura,was exceptional, with the service they provided and the incredible food,
    that was on offer..And such a beautiful place to stay at..
    The hotel manager Mr Hasegawa,was an exceptional host..Met me at the airport.(all good with everything)..
    The last day of the trip (Friday) it rained..(no good for Skiing)..So Mr Hasegawa and his stuff took me and other guests to Yachi Hot springs and then to a place, lower down,in a village for traditional Amori lunch (something called Bachu?) Beef and onion with raw egg.(it was delicious ) They were very obliging..Great to have good Japanese hospitality all round..
    I would certainly stay there again.

  • Konnichiwa Hiro.
    I said to my husband today on the chairlift that I must email you this afternoon! Our taxi driver was waiting for us when we arrived at the station thank you for that. We have had some great tree skiing in the powder here at ALTS Bandai, we just need more snow overnight so that we have fresh tracks for our last day. The hotel is very comfortable and everyone is very helpful, we are enjoying our onsens after skiing!
    Well it is time for my onsen.
    Cheers Anne

    P1000631 P1000627

  • Hi Hiro

    The cat skiing was fantastic, a really fun experience. Definitely worth doing.
    We didn’t have fresh snow but the snow was still good to ski.
    A few pics attached.

    Cheers Simone