Lotte Arai Resort

4 Nights

From JPY 64,500

Arai Mountain Ski Resort & Spa was opened in 1993 as very luxurious Ski Resort.
They started developing hotels, swimming pools and a brewery around the resort, however the bubble burst and they had to cease operations in 2006.

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Akutsu Pension

Soak in our natural hot spring bath. Its light sodium sulphur content is particularly good for skin conditions,stomach problems and rheumatism. Home cooking in a friendly atmosphere.[…]

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Hotel Alp

Hotel Alp:The ski-in, ski-out choice The Hotel Alp in Myoko is the ideal choice for a vacation in the heart of Snow Country Japan. Guests literally step[…]

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Akakura Hotel

Akakura Hotel is a well known Akakura ski hotel in the very heart of Akakura Onsen Ski Village. It is only a four minute walk to the[…]

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Oyado Furuya

Oyado Furuya is pleased to provide our guests with a uniquely Japanese stay in Myoko (“Oyado” basically means a Japanese-style inn). Located right in the center of[…]

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