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Lotte Arai Resort

4 Nights

From JPY 64,500

Arai Mountain Ski Resort & Spa was opened in 1993 as very luxurious Ski Resort.
They started developing hotels, swimming pools and a brewery around the resort, however the bubble burst and they had to cease operations in 2006.

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Sukayu Onsen Ryokan

Sukayu Onsen Ryokan is a rare gem of traditional atmosphere and spirit that gives guests a fine feeling of nostalgia. It features classic tatami private rooms, wish[…]

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Hakkoda Hotel

Hakkoda Hotel is surrounded by the old-growth forest of Hakkoda, a genuine resort hotel featuring thick-cut, dignified log construction. Guests can choose from original French or Japanese[…]

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Geto camp 88

Geto 88 camp like an upscale version of dormitory accommodation. The accommodation has 88 beds with 2 storey bank beds. Each bed has a power point, a[…]

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