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Hotel Hammond

It’s a casual and reasonable hotel. Only 5 min walk to hot spring area, ski area. Please enjoy your stay at here. 4 minutes to lift. For[…]

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Miyamaso Takamiya

Our long-standing Japanese style hotel is located at the highest level in the hot spring town. Our cuisine makes the best of seasonal ingredients and you can[…]

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Lodge Matsuya

Lodge Matsuya is located in center of Nozawa onsen. A few minutes walk to the main street of the village. On the street , there are souvenir[…]

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Traditional Japanese houses ”KAWAHIRO”. You can feel the real Japan in these houses. Sit on tatami floors, sleep in a futon, eat dinner around a fire. Start[…]

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Kawaichiya Ryokan

Kawaichiya Ryokan is located in the center of Nozawa Onsen. We offer 2 different kinds of hot springs at our hotel and also serve local dishes for your[…]

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