Sahoro Resort is situated in the central mountains of Hokkaido and only a stone-throw away from other ski fields and local attractions. This reasonably large resort offers picturesque landscape views, amazing weather and plentiful amounts of quality Hokkaido powder. With 17 courses in total and abundant snow activities, the resort offers plenty of terrain and worthwhile off-piste tree runs which any advanced skier or snowboarder will enjoy. Considering its size, the resort offers a solid 3-4 night trip of ski fun.
The accommodation at the resort is made up of two hotels; the Sahoro Resort Hotel and the Club Med Sahoro. Both offer high quality facilities and services, such as onsen hot springs and several restaurants to choose from, however due to the isolated area there is little in terms of night life.


1.5x expansion of the ski field to be ready by next season.
New 30ha expansion for a total ski area of 97ha, including a new high-speed hooded chairlift.

Getting There

There are two shuttle bus services available to travel to Sahoro, but the resort can also be reached by car which takes around 2 hours 15 minutes from Asahikawa.

Sahoro Express (New Chitose Airport to Sahoro Resort Hotel)

Approx. 2 hours. Reservation required.

To Sahoro Resort
Inbound 5501 5503 5505 5507
Check In 10:25 12:10 14:20 16:10
Depart 10:45 12:30 14:40 16:30
Arrive 12:45 14:30 16:40 18:30
To New Chitose Airport
Outbound 5502 5504 5506 5508
Check In 8:30 10:50 12:50 14:40
Depart 8:40 11:00 13:00 14:50
Arrive 10:40 13:00 15:00 16:50

Free Shuttle Bus (Shintoku Station to Sahoro Resort Hotel)

To Sahoro Resort Hotel
Depart 11:15 12:50 14:00 16:35 17:55
Arrive 11:30 13:05 14:15 16:50 18:10

(*All shuttle buses departing after times shown above will vary in departure times and require reservation by 6PM the previous day).

To Shintoku Station
(Ski Area)
15:10 16:00
Depart (Sahoro Hotel) 6:50* 8:05* 9:00 10:15 11:35 13:05 13:35 15:15 16:05 17:55*
Arrive 7:10 8:20 9:15 10:30 11:50 13:20 13:50 15:30 16:20 18:20

*Reservations required


Sahoro is accessible by road from a number of other popular ski fields in the area including Furano (1 hour 15 minutes) and Tomamu (40 minutes).

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